The Top 3 Web Design Trends in 2018

The constant revolving door of web design trends hasn’t slowed down in 2018. The landscape is ever-changing as designers try to push the creativity envelope further and further.

We’ve picked out a few important trends you should be aware of:

1. Mobile First.

In a study conducted in the 2016, results showed that mobile internet use passed desktop for the first time. Things have continued to trend in the same direction as mobile use has only increased. This is very important as it relates to web design. Every single page must be optimized for smaller screen sizes or you risk losing users—and potential leads!

2. Balancing Clean with Creative.

Web designers can abate the battle between design and user experience by embracing balance between the two. Deliberate white space and breaks in the page content provides a very clean and professional look, while allowing vibrant colours and animation to pop. This creates a striking contrast and makes for better site navigation.

A lot of designers have also been experimenting with unique fonts. However, take heed of certain fonts. The key is to find one that looks good on all screen sizes and matches the brand personality.

create an interactive and engaging experience

3. Make it Interactive and Engaging.

The days of using boring stock images and dull text are long gone. Now, it’s all about experience. Videos, animations, custom created visuals, infographics and interactive features engage users to create a more compelling experience. People like when they can connect with a brand and there is no better way than to get them involved.

New trends will continue to emerge and develop over time. However, the evidence is clear that more users are on their phones than ever before and they’re craving for more interactive, visually-engaging experiences.

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