Website Development 101: Think of Your Website as a Car

When developers talk about coding it’s like trying to understand another language. If you ask them, they would say it’s because it is. This often leads to a lot of confusion for us mere mortals. It’s especially true when you’re trying to update your website or working on building an entirely new one. Have you ever just wondered, “How does it all work?”

Let’s use an analogy we can all understand. Think of your website as a car – there is a lot that you see on the outside and a lot happening on the inside. In a car, you’ve got the frame and all the paint but then you’ve also got the engine and mechanisms that power the vehicle. Well, same is true for a website. There are the features you see when you land on webpage but then there is also the work that happens behind the scenes.

This is all made possible using various computer languages, each responsible for certain areas of the website. The interactive infographic below illustrates this concept best.

Obviously, we’re just scratching the surface but hopefully this provides you with a basic understanding of the makeup of a website. So next time someone mentions PHP, you’ll know they’re talking about a car engine…err…the engine of the website.

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